Practice safe design:
Use a concept... - Petrula Vrontikis

We are a team of designers, aspiring user interface experts, developers, web application gurus, SEO personnel, marketing professionals and strategists. But to most we are just general web design geeks.

P...P...P...Proficiently and passionately pursuing, using patience and professionalism, a powerful persuasive piece of perfection!!


Apart from an incredibly convenient word beginning with 'P' it also relates to our effective combination of occupations which we feel make a well oiled digital marketing team. We have the looks, the brains and the experience...And thats just the creative team!


We like to portray a 'tongue in cheek' attitude. But when the time comes, we endeavour to undertake all business relationships in a respectful and professional manner. We have come into contact with many industries, all conveying different marketing stand points. We understand this detail is important.


Not every one knows what they want from a digital marketing agency, or exactly what it entails - That's why we are flexible in trying to obtain this information. We have a huge range of clients that all need individual requirements. Every member of our team will work with you to better understand your needs and/or wants. This extra time spent will further ensure your happiness with the service and the success of your online business.


We absolutely love our jobs, the detail involved, the unknown challenges that occur daily...Why else would we sit after hours working away into the night? We too like to parade as social butterflies when we can, but we like to think we sit apart from the competition. We want to be recognised for the work we do and we know it takes that little bit extra. We want to create a piece of work we are proud of...It's a win win for us and you, after all, it's your business that we put our efforts into.

"A long time ago (2007) in a dining room not too far away...

...A historic meeting took place. A frustrated designer and an exasperated developer debated long into the night about starting a new business. How many great pieces of work could they create without restrictions? How much better could they be if things were done their way? They had all the talent, all the drive and some great ideas, and so the quest began.

Fuelled by the desire (and biscuits) to make the web a more impressive and immersive place, they decided to form a 'Creative Alliance'.

The duo came into contact with a 'new business' professional, looking for the next big challenge: A second historic meeting took place.

Many days passed... Days turned into weeks... Suddenly, Attain Design was forged!

The company quickly grew and the team became aware of the impeding lack of personal space at their modest workstations, causing the room to explode with creativity, and eventually exiling the company to new premises.

The new found base-camp was ideal for progression and everyone settled in well. Sure enough, the alliance soon doubled in size.

The three pioneers looked at what they had created and were happy. This new team of elite talent seemed the perfect combination for their master plan and so decided to position themselves as - 'A Digital Marketing Agency'.

By 2010 Attain Design had become firmly established and made the decision to become limited. They began building up a small network of resources: Their plan was to make the alliance bigger and stronger.

Indeed many people would join the battle. They met a wiser, older Marketeer that assisted them with strategy when needed. Wordsmiths helped them write elaborate and effective communications. Others would right the literary wrongs they came across; helping the alliance to make the universe a more articulate place. SEO specialists from 'Manchester' of the North were ready and waiting.

Some new-comers were even able to put pictures and words permanently onto paper; so it became apparent in late 2011 that Attain Design had all they needed to become - 'A Full Service Agency'!

To be continued..."