An Introduction to eCommerce

An Introduction to eCommerce

Shopping online is a relatively new phenomenon but it has increased dramatically in the past few years. Businesses are realising that the most efficient way to sell is through their website and are seeing some great results; on average,  our clients have already seen a 200% increase compared to offline sales. Fewer people are venturing outside and braving the British weather to visit shops and instead are browsing online in the comfort of their own home.

In fact, the most recent trend is a massive up-lift in the number of people buying products online through mobile devices: iPhones, smart-phones, tablets etc. If you don’t want your business to get left behind then it’s important that your website can offer your customer an internet shopping experience that is easy, quick and enjoyable.

At Attain Design we’re not only committed to producing websites that look great but also offering clients free advice on possible  eCommerce solutions. We can create an interface which retains all the flair of design whilst making shopping online accessible and easy to use. We can even create designs that conform to different layouts when viewed on mobile devices.

We have a lot of experience in eCommerce and we’re always excited to meet new clients, get to know their business and watch as they enjoy the benefits of these solutions. With our marketing expertise and passion for design we can create sites which are tailored to your needs; and our dynamic nature means that if your business expands, then your site can expand with it.

2012 is an exciting year in many ways; there are some big challenges ahead for businesses so it might be time to get ahead of the game. It’s time to invest in your future…

Give us a call on 01782 710 740 or drop us an email to and we’ll welcome you to the world of eCommerce.