SEO, The Useful Beginners Guide: An Introduction to the Series

SEO, The Useful Beginners Guide: An Introduction to the Series

Call us geeks; but we actually like optimizing web sites and watching them soar up through search results. It’s satisfying.

That’s why I feel a bit disgruntled when I see overly-technical articles that discourage the average web site owner from joining in. The thing is, as it turns out, you don’t actually need to be a Jedi or join ranks with the Geek-Illuminati to make a measurable difference to your web site’s search engine ‘friendliness’.

All you need is the right perspective on the search engine environment and a very basic familiarity with your web site’s ‘front-end’ code (HTML). That’s what this series of articles is all about. Don’t be put off, though… We won’t be using complex language or assuming any technical knowledge at all.

OK, so we’ll show you how to dabble in the code; but we’ll do it using plain English and in such a way that, even if you opt to keep your hands clean, you’ll be armed with the knowledge to understand your current situation and see the true potential in your web site.

I should probably clarify something at this point. I’m not saying that all SEO is easy or simple. In fact, not only does a lot of it involve technical stuff at the more advanced levels but it’s also very competitive, so there’s no wading in the shallow-end for agencies like us who run aggressive SEO campaigns. Then you’ve got the fact that the top-secret search engine algorithms are constantly being updated, making the whole process that much harder.

But luckily we won’t be getting into all that. We won’t discuss the latest theories on Google’s next update or which ‘meta-tag’ is gaining more or less significance relative to another. We’ll just show you some easy ways to help Google categorise your content and index it properly. Simple as that.

You can find the first of the 4 articles in the series here – SEO, The Useful Beginners Guide, part 1: Understanding Google. Watch out for the next one coming later this week or join our mailing list to follow this series, stay current with our other blogs and receive special tailored promotions.