Traffic’s Not Always a Bad Thing

Traffic’s Not Always a Bad Thing

You may not believe it but traffic’s not always a bad thing… In fact, traffic through your website is a great thing; something that you need to be thinking about if you want your business to get ahead.

In 2011, Google took the top spot as the most visited web site in the world. The other notable search engines (Yahoo, Bing etc) were not far behind. There are currently over 700,000 search queries on Google every 60 seconds.

Search Engine Marketing is the process of directing more traffic to your website from these search engines. It is achieved by making your site more ‘search-friendly’ for certain key search terms. Changes to your actual website can have a great impact on search results if done correctly: This is called ‘search engine optimisation’ (or SEO). Further to this, the placement of your site around the web and its connectedness to the wider internet play big roles too: This is referred to as ‘off-page optimisation’.

As a by-product of the analytics software used to make these changes, you can also glean information to help better identify your market and see how you compare against your competitors.

What it boils down to is this: You may have a beautifully designed website with all the mod-cons, but if nobody visits it your efforts have been wasted.

As a digital marketing agency, we are committed to improving the exposure of your business. We have a passion for design but that’s not all that we’re about. We offer a dedicated Search Engine Optimisation service that will help your business to grow and succeed. If you’re a business that offers online shopping then you might be interested to know that 35% of online shoppers visited a particular retailer thanks to their visibility on search engines (according to a recent eConsultancy report).

If you’re not getting the exposure you need then we can help bring your brand and marketing platforms to the surface. We do this through a combination of editing your web site’s back end code, tweaking the copy and content within the site, linking your site to other important websites… generally shaping up your online presence to be more in-line with your largest competitors.

As well as the initial helping hand we’ll be with you along the way, researching and suggesting marketing strategies which we believe will be beneficial to your business.

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