Video Marketing | What Can Be Achieved?

Video Marketing | What Can Be Achieved?

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Video marketing can be a relatively cost-efficient and highly effective medium to communicate with your audience. Yes… I did use the word ‘relatively’. That’s because you need to have the right perspective in order to see the value in video marketing:

Here are the the top 5 reasons you should try video marketing:

1. Google Likes Video

Google own YouTube; and YouTube videos get a certain amount of special attention in Google’s search results. Having a well-optimised video on YouTube can therefore be a great way to leap onto the first page of results, even if your site isn’t that well optimised.

2. Video Is Engaging

Video is probably the most engaging form of content out there. What makes it better than copy, images or sound bytes? Well for starters it engages more than one sense. Furthermore (and this is an awful sign of the times) it is hugely familiar given that people watch TV , films and the requisite quota of commercials on a regular basis.

3. Viral Viability

Users can share video content from anywhere you can put it on the web – social media accounts, your web site, YouTube, Vimeo, blogs – and because it is engaging, it is more likely to be shared. So long as your video elicits an emotional response and it is either entertaining, educational or otherwise useful to the user, there is a good chance it will be shared.

4. Video is Multi-Purpose

I’ve talked a lot about the web; but what about trade stands, reception areas or even digital billboards? Once a video has been produced, so long as it has been planned correctly, it can be used in a multitude of different places, both online and offline.

5. Video is Honest

It’s hard to lie to people in a video convincingly. The camera picks up personality and can viewers can spot a liar or an awkward uncomfortable moment. Therefore, when a video comes across with the right tone, people are more likely to ‘buy in’ to it than they would a well written article, jingle, sound byte or other promotion.


Given those 5 reasons, it suddenly becomes much easier to justify the cost of video production; which may not even be as much as you would initially think. There are many different options you can go for with a wide range of pricing. Here are a few ideas:

  • Interview clients for feedback and testimonials
  • Record a live presentation or event
  • Create a ‘How-To’ video
  • Demonstrate your services, possibly with case studies
  • Staff ‘Meet the Team’ interviews
  • Do a recorded product demo
  • Creative brand-led commercial
  • Viral video purely to grow audience