Five Things You Probably Didn’t Think To Ask Your Web Design Agency

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Think To Ask Your Web Design Agency

So you’ve been thinking a lot lately about new ways to connect with customers, get them excited about your products or services, get them interacting socially – to engage your market in a multiplicity of ways, right? Maybe you’ve stepped-up your SEO (search engine optimisation) and embraced new platforms such as Pinterest for Business. Perhaps you’ve even considered developing a responsive website or mobile app to capture customers on-the-fly.

Those are all great strategies, but are you building on solid foundations? Did you know that your web design agency – even with their penchant for the technical and complex– can still be the best partners for the simple stuff?

Solid Foundations

So much of modern marketing is internet-based that you need web experts to help you plan. To be even remotely future-proofed or efficient, you need to know all about media formats, device capabilities, coding limitations and predicted trends for the future of the web.

Just like you want to build your house on the solidity of rock – not shifting sands – you want to build all your business marketing efforts on a rock-solid base of good design, professionalism and a keen understanding of the digital marketplace.

Here are 5 oft-forgotten ways a creative digital agency can help you get on the right track:

1. Market Research

To understand your market, you need to understand where you will be engaging them. What are the restrictions of the environment/platforms? How do customers and potential customers behave in different situations?

The majority of your market will be online while considering purchases and absorbing relevant culture. It is therefore crucial to have access to expertise and experience in the digital field when researching your online market; not only to gather analytic information but also to truly understand it, read between the lines and recognise fluctuations and false positives/negatives. Only then can you be 100% confident in the resultant strategy and budget allocation.

We can offer several levels of market research and analytical reporting. Talk to us about market research for more information.

2. Digital Strategy

For the sake of expediency you may be tempted to just throw something together and get it out there in front of users immediately. And I get that—Truly. Time is money!

But a little forethought and wise planning can prove extremely beneficial and can even mean the difference between positive ROI and unsustainable returns. You’ll never realise your true potential by simply repurposing tired old methods and materials and slapping them online. It’s important to know that what may have worked even just a few years ago might not be fully effective across the multitude of platforms and devices people use to interact today. Also, what works offline won’t necessarily work online.

Talk to us about your online marketing strategy: future-proofing your online presence, leaving room to expand and ensuring your efforts are efficiently stream-lined and malleable.

3. Branding

At the very deepest level of your foundation is your brand. Your identity. It’s what people envision when they see and hear your name. It’s your personality and your added value all rolled into one. The problem is that a brand optimised for offline use and developed by someone with a mindset firmly planted in the offline world just won’t cut the mustard in the online marketplace.

To ensure you are presenting the image and information you want customers (and potential customers) to see anywhere, anytime and in any manner that they encounter you online, the insights of a creative digital marketing agency can prove indispensable. They can help you to consider adding value through digital-specific avenues. They can help you to anticipate higher levels of competition and plan how your brand can actually adapt for varying market segments. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Talk to us about your online brand and contemporary trends in the digital arena.

4. Logo Design

Central to your brand identity is your logo, and it very well could be that this all-important element is in need of updating, adaptation or redesign to take you where you want to go now and in the future. You need a rock-solid design.

A common mistake is assuming that print designers (aka ‘graphic’ designers) are the obvious choice here. In truth, developing or re-developing a logo that is effective and fit-for-purpose online can be a huge challenge if you aren’t savvy about all the trends, needs and ways of the digital marketplace. Actually, the safer bet is to use a digital/web design company. Both web designers and graphic designers will use Photoshop — but only one of them can tell you what file formats, resolutions and colour variants you will likely need on websites and social networks today, tomorrow and even next year.

Why not check out our logo design portfolio?

5. Copywriting & Content

There is a very high likelihood that your web team have at least one good writer. Chances are they are university educated and take pride in the finer details. And even if copywriting isn’t a service offered directly, they will know where to get good copywriting services within their network.

Why? Three words: Search Engine Optimisation.

A good digital marketer absolutely must understand how search engines read copy on websites. They know how much copy is needed, how many times keywords should be used, how copy should be distributed throughout your web estate, what types of copy are needed in which places… you get the idea.

Talk to us about article generation, blogging, website copy and social media content.

At Attain Design, we have the talent and experience to thoroughly examine your entire web presence and help create that rock-solid foundation that will ensure you achieve all your online goals.Contact us and let us put our insights to work for you.