Meet The A Team | Anthony Hall, Creative Director

Meet The A Team | Anthony Hall, Creative Director

“Attain Design are a Creative Digital Marketing Agency”… Oops, you just fell asleep again.

These ‘positioning statements’ are a great way for someone to understand what we do. But there are lots of companies out there who can say exactly the same thing. So what makes us different?

In short, it’s the experiences, insights, skills, motivations and passions of each individual in our team that set us aside from the rest; so we thought we’d better tell you about them! This time, it’s Anthony, our Creative Director

Meet ‘The A Team’…

Anthony Hall, Creative Director

Creative Director is a pretty big term. Yes I’m generally at the helm of all creative work here, offering advice and direction on design, copy and content to make sure our clients feel we nailed their briefs (that’s an industry term meaning ‘achieved their objectives’, by the way… nothing to do with hammers or underpants).

But then I do a lot of the actual design work here too. I’m equally referred to as UX (User-Experience) Specialist, Graphic (Print) Designer and Brand Consultant. I think ultimately good design is holistic design, so I guess you could say I act as the glue that sticks all the elements of our clients’ brands together; parity, personality, philosophy, ideals, value etc.

What’s your story?

It’s always been about design for me, since before I understood the philosophy of design at all. I was always into the Arts, always into creating stuff, but it was only when I went to College that I really started to grasp how much design affects every part of our lives; from the chairs we sit on and the mobile phone interfaces we use everyday to the adverts, billboards and websites we see, interact with and ‘buy’ into.

I graduated from Staffordshire University with a bachelors in Graphic Design. I’d already started freelancing and went on to take senior positions at some of the fastest growing, up-and-coming agencies in the West Midlands. I learned a lot about processes, expectations  commercial viability and the ‘business’ of creativity in general; not to mention a few things that I felt could be done much better!

Fast-forward to 2007 and I’m registering Attain Design as a Limited Company with my two business partners. The rest is history, as they say.

What’s it like working at Attain Design?

Working in a shared office is a fantastic driver of creativity for me and the team: We get to take each and every idea as it comes. Since the best ideas often come uninvited, it makes sense to pitch them when they occur so we can put them to the ultimate test – each other!

We’re a very open bunch like that. We’re relaxed because we can be unguarded while still knowing we can speak our minds very honestly (or in other words, we’re not shy about constructive criticism). Everything we do is bespoke and you never know if there’s a better idea out there until you think of it, so it makes sense for us to keep open minds and critical eyes.

Favourite part of the job?

Nothing makes me happier than nailing design right at the core of a client’s goals for their brand. I find it exciting, but also challenging since every client is unique and bring their particular aesthetic preferences and functionality requirements to the table. The users and technology are always evolving too. I have to stay on my toes and be learning from new experiences all the time.

User Interface and User Experience design (UI/UX) are two-way streets, almost like a conversation with the collective consumer/market; evolving  future designs according to the way users are currently reacting to designs that already exist. It’s one thing to make something aesthetically pleasing, sending out the right brand messages etc; but it’s so much more rewarding knowing that you’ve also created something that people genuinely love immersing themselves in and interacting with.

Is There Life Outside of Attain Design?

I have my beautiful family, my ‘fixer-upper’ properties and my guitars. Oh, and a large collection of Apple products too (I am a designer after all!).

Just ask any creative-type, though; we can’t just ‘switch off’ the designer part of our brains. So, yes there’s life outside the office, but I’m always taking inspiration and contemplating design whether I like it or not!


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