SG World Case Study

SG World

Putting the visitor back into Visitor Management; delivering ROI by getting more of the right kind of traffic engaged on the website for longer.

SG World Case Study

The Challenge

SG World is a global leader in visitor management systems with a cutting edge, innovative product range serving multiple industries. The company had an existing eCommerce website in place; although it had become dated and performance was suffering in terms of online sales as well as its ability to generate enquiries and interest. There was a strong requirement to push the functionality of the website to a high level, utilising a robust eCommerce platform that would enable SG World to progress. The client ultimately needed an updated brand and a more engaging and competitive website in order to more accurately represent their position as market leader; thereby adding trust and yielding increased customer conversion.

The Solution

Working closely with SG World’s Head of Marketing to scope the project, we spent time understanding the visitor management industry and focusing on the target customers the website would service. We considered the product range, highlighting appropriate advanced features and functionality that would suit the industry. We also highlighted mechanisms that would enhance the visitor experience for non-ecommerce customers or products that needed to generate an enquiry rather than sale. So we architected the website for best use of the advanced features to convert more sales whilst ensuring the website was also converting traffic into enquiries for Sales team follow-up.

Some key features/functions we used for this project:

  • Blog
  • Support Centre
  • Multiple Forms for ease of customer enquiry
  • One Page Checkout
  • Loyalty Points System
  • Product Videos
  • Advanced Reviews
  • Checkout Promotions
  • Mega Navigation for ease of browsing
  • Group Pricing
  • Branding and Design Enhancements
SG World Case Study
SG World Case Study

The Results

We’ve worked closely with SG World since launch and continue to work on additional features and phases of the ongoing development of the website. To date, results for the SG World project are as follows:

  • Bounce rate reduced from 66% to 4.6%
  • 295% increase in total page views
  • 242% increase in the number of pages viewed per visit
  • 83% increase in the time visitors spend on the website
  • 370% increase in SEO traffic!
  • 31% increase in online sales
  • 24% increase in enquiries

The website has already delivered a staggering ROI within 6 months.