The Bike Rooms

A UK Wide expert cycling retail business looked to capitalise on the opportunity to enhance digital marketing with a ground-up reinvention of their online brand and comprehensive digital marketing plan post launch.

The Challenge

A chain reaction we planned for

The Bike Rooms have been a successful brick and mortar operation for many years, with stores across the country, casting a wide area from which to engage customers with their exceptional experience and knowledge of the cycling industry, and a constantly impressive product range for the bike enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Not only did The Bike Rooms have physical presence across the UK, but the company also had a digital presence too, with the website also an important part of their route to market. The Bike Rooms had steadily gained brand awareness over the years, which naturally had increased traffic to the website as a result but, growth in visitor numbers had slowed somewhat, and it was generally felt that the website wasn’t working hard enough to provide an informative and immersive experience to visitors. Whilst serving as a useful communication tool for potential customers, it wasn’t as strong a performer as a physical store. Due to the fact that the website itself isn’t restricted to a geographical reach, it was considered a real opportunity for the business to improve the website performance.

One key challenge that the website faced perhaps more than a physical store was selling products online that can be highly technical. Equally, top-of-the range products often carry higher price tags in line with their higher quality, the cycling industry being no different. Bikes themselves perhaps represented the sternest test for online purchasing, with some brands reaching five figures! Clearly, this was a pivotal point to ensure that customers could feel comfortable that transacting online was appropriate action for them.

Confidence was high that the products we’re highly appropriate and desirable though, and price points were also very competitive. So some healthy performance goals we’re set for the new site, and Attain were commissioned to be The Bike Rooms chosen digital partner.

The Solution

We began an extensive and thorough scoping exercise to better understand the business in many aspects. the current customer base and future customer base we we’re aiming to connect with of particular interest. We also analysed the current online market to understand the competitive landscape and shape a strategy and direction for the new website. It was also important to understand the unique challenges that existed from a business process perspective to ensure that the website integrated seamlessly into the business’s current/future operation.

We also reviewed what the current performance stats were telling us, and carefully considered the current browsing experience, along with a ideal browsing experience and the features/functionality that would require.

It was clear that higher value purchases meant serious consideration would be taken by the customer. So we considered a number of things to improve sales. Firstly, the breadth and presentation needed to improve. As part of this,  we introduced 360 images, particularly for Bikes but site-wide would be a benefit. Comprehensive sizing guides and technical specs were created, but this also lent itself hugely to Bike fitting too, as this is imperative for cyclists. Knowing that for  some cyclist seeing/sizing the product in the flesh was important, we felt the website had a duty to be promote the benefit of a store visit too. So we incorporated two features: The ability to book an in-store bike fitting, and a click and collect facility.

Secondly, when considering the challenges of high ticket value products, we felt we needed to offer the customer more options, so an online financing facility was introduced to allow immediate purchases to be made more easily. As a further consideration, we felt that more could be done to promote online purchases so a Daily Deals feature was developed, and to cause real interest, online auctions were introduced to generate buzz. Free Delivery was also a change that would prove to bring real benefit.

We formulated a strong content plan for the new website, so we could create a rich experience both from a content and visual perspective. Not only did we collectively consider the website visitor, but we thought about how good content would aid reach to new customers via search engines, and not only reach them, but engage them too.

Our team was ideally placed to consult with the team at The Bike Rooms, leaning on their industry knowledge and combining that with our usability, digital marketing and Magento expertise. Based on the desire of a robust ecommerce experience, Magento was the platform of choice and we went through a comprehensive design and development process to create a polished front end experience.

From a business process perspective, there was also opportunity to integrate Magento and make ecommerce order fulfillment a more streamlined process for the business. So we carried out an integration with the till system and a custom integration with the businesses in-house stock management system. We also created a bespoke facility for pick/pack to ensure the fulfillment process could be more efficient, along with a back end helpdesk feature for staff reference, to ensure customer communication was first class.

The Results

Since launch, The Bike Rooms website has been a huge success. The online performance has been transformed in comparison to the performance since relaunch.

We’re particularly proud of a number of some performance stats that we saw post launch, notably:

  • 348% Increase in Conversion Rate
  • 155.12% Increase In Page Views
  • 137.97% Increase In Unique Page Views
  • 38.88% Increase in Time on Page
  • 16.5% Increase in Order Value

We continue to work with The Bike Rooms to evolve the site and continue the upward trend in performance across multiple metrics.