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Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO) is the process of getting more of the right kinds of customer to your website via Google (and other search engines) through the strategic integration of marketing channels and best practices.

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SEO Marketing

Getting found in Google is, for most brands, the single most important part of any digital marketing strategy. You need to do 2 things in order to get your website ranked highly in Google—get the design right and then give the website authority.

Google can't understand websites in the same way that humans can, so webpages need to be designed so that Google can understand which parts of the content are most important – otherwise your chances of getting found in the search results are slim to non-existent.

Once Google can see which areas, topics and keywords your website relates to, you need to build your authority through various methods.

What is Authority?

Google’s aim is to rank valuable websites higher in relevant search results. The best way to convince Google that your website is valuable is to create a fantastic user experience for your customers. The speed that your site loads, the quality of your content, the internal structure of your site and the way people interact with it are just a few key elements.

You also need to create the kinds of signals that indicate that there is a ‘buzz’ around your website on the wider Web. The more ‘buzz’ Google can see, the more they will assume that people are finding your content valuable. This buzz may comprise social media activity and high quality back-links from relevant websites

Related Services

We offer a range of ancillary services to help your SEO.

  • Keyword Research
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Analysis
  • Quality Link Building
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Content Strategy
  • Search-Optimised Copywriting
  • Rich media development

Once we have got your website attracting more traffic from search engines you may also want to consider Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) to turn more visitors into customers.

Why Attain?

We don’t offer any ‘packages’ or off-the-shelf solutions: We create tailored strategies for each and every client. As a result, we work to improve the precise metrics that matter to you. We also work only to best practices and accepted industry standards.

We understand that simply chasing a high volume of traffic regardless of quality is self-defeating. Instead, we focus on getting more of the right kind of customer on the website; and less of the wrong kind. In other words, we make sure that your time, your efforts and your money become better focussed on ideal customers that can help your business to grow.

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