Heaven Sends

Heaven Sends is one of the UK's leading wholesalers of quirky gifts, stylish home accessories and seasonal decorations.

The Challenge

A tender response...

When we first spoke to Heaven Sends about tendering for their new website project, they were already using Magento. They had established a fantastic reputation in their industry for providing excellent customer care and high-quality products at fantastic value. However, their existing website was letting the brand down through its uninspiring design, lack of functionaity, poor SEO and an unreliable integration with their stock management and ERP system (Request).

The main goal of the Heaven Sends website is to attract trade registrations from new potential customers. The ‘Angels’ (the customer service team) form the focal point of the Heaven Sends sales cycle – employing personal relationship management tactics to capitalise on each opportunity. However there were two requirements for that strategy to work which were not in place on the website:

  1. There was a disparity of message/brand so the customer experience was breaking down online;
  2. it was not capturing enough data to be utilised by the Angels to drive registrations.

Functionality & Scope

The existing website showed no product information to users that were not logged in and that was stopping new customers from registering. It was identified that the site would perform better if all product information was accessible to all users (including those not logged-in) except for pricing – the latter being held back as a driver for new registrations.

For logged-in users, there were no opportunities to up-sell or cross-sell on product pages. The banners throughout the site were also outdated, inconsistent and did not convey the brand. Furthermore, the site was not easily updated through the CMS element of the Magento system.

Finally, the SEO on the site was poor too. The hidden product pages meant that search engines could not see the majority of the content on the website and this was having a negative impact on the site’s visibility. There were also several areas of the build which fell behind best practices in terms of usbility and accessibility, including poor mobile UX. It was therefore crucial that the new site was built with these best practices in place to grow search engine visibility, brand salience and authority within the industry.

Overall, the goals for the new site were:

  • increase registrations of new customers
  • increase conversion rates and order values through up-sells and cross-sells
  • improve SEO and develop brand awareness
  • increase newsletter sign-ups
  • Integration with Request stock management software

The Solution

After responding to the tender, we were short-listed to meet with Heaven Sends to present our strategy and our concepts for the future of the online brand. We were then selected as the agency of choice for the project based on the strength of our ideas, our case studies and the passion we showed for the work. A more in-depth scoping session followed before the design and development commenced.

Our first goal was to reinvigorate the brand to drive more registrations. The design language we chose was clean and bold to communicate the brand’s size and authority with confidence. We also used elements such as stitching to convey quirkiness and delicacy – drawing comparisons to ‘craft’ brands with hand-made product ranges.

We were also careful to hint at all of the exclusive benefits available by entering into a long-term relationship with the brand; primarily the very personal added-value customer care. We included social media integrations and a newsletter sign-up form to show a willingness to engage and a blog where brand alignments and value propositions could be corroborated to further entrench the premium perceived value. We chose to integrate a WordPress blog with the Magento platform to offer this functionality.

In order to get the first sale after registration, we felt that it was important for the branding to communicate an expectation of a conservative premium pricing strategy. To further increase conversion rates and customer retention we built the site with a range of added-value functionality, including;

  • repeat orders facility;
  • automatic recommended products with the ability to specify recommended products if desired;
  • pre-ordering facility for out of stock lines;
  • and advanced site search.

And finally, we made everything content-managed and integrated the site with Request, their ERP system, in order to make management as simple as possible. The integration included provisions for the transfer of product data and images, category structures, customer data (including billing and shipping addresses), order data and contact form data.

The Results

Post-launch the website generated 86% more sales. The average order value also increased, delivering 91% more revenue. There was a notable uplift in new trade registrations and the website was well-received, with excellent feedback from existing customers.

The social integrations and newsletter sign-up form have enabled Heaven Sends to grow a strong community around the brand. Management of the website has also been simplified, giving the team much more confidence to run campaigns. This has enabled them to drive sales from their brand community and re-engagement from previously registered customers.