Ian Knapper

Ian Knapper is the UK's leading designer of solid stone staircases, fireplaces and other architectural interior pieces, working on prestigious projects from public buildings to private super-prime mansions.

The Challenge

Taking digital to the next level

Ian Knapper provide unrivalled bespoke architectural designs, exquisite craftsmanship, tailored engineering solutions and unparalleled customer care. However when we first met with them to discuss their online strategy they were losing market share to lower-end competitors who had more engaging websites. The value in the Ian Knapper brand was not being communicated effectively online.

It was also noted that the majority of enquiries being generated from the website were for fireplaces rather than staircases, even though fireplaces carry a much lower price tag. After further analysis we found that the site was under-performing in search engines for the most commercially valuable search terms, meaning the most valuable potential customers were not finding the site.

The brief was therefore to take back and protect market share through a combination of improved branding, better user experience and increased visibility in search engines, with a shift in the focus of enquiries from fireplaces to staircases.

The Solution

Step one was the design and development of a WordPress website with the ability to easily manage content and conversion forms. The new look-and-feel was carefully tailored to reflect the premium offering of the brand, using luxurious lifestyle shots of Ian’s creations to elevate the positioning from ‘competitive supplier’ to ‘market leading designer brand’.

Step two was the creation of a powerful digital strategy with an aggressive SEO campaign at it’s nucleus. All content marketing, social media activity and site evolution has been carried out tactically for maximum SEO benefit. At the core of the initial brief was a desire to not only regain any lost market share but to grow and retain positioning as a market leader – and conducting SEO to increase both the quantity and quality of traffic was always going to be at the core of that journey.

Along the way we have created blogs, infographics and short films in line with SEO requirements and wider marketing goals. For example, we recently produced a short film to be shown at Decorex – an annual trade show responsible for generating a large proportion of Ian Knapper’s offline leads. To further maximise the SEO impact from content we produce, we have also provided social media and content marketing training.

Step three. As we roll out the digital marketing strategy, we constantly analyse user behaviour to inform conversion rate optimisation decisions. As the brand has grown in stature and the visitor demographics have changed, we have been instrumental in steering the tone-of-voice, site architecture, design language and brand development to increase user engagement.

Years later, the site has undergone a full rebrand and has evolved to include an eCommerce section with a bespoke product builder for a new customisable lighting range. We have also reduced their print budget through the creation of an interactive online brochure, hidden behind a data capture form to increase conversion and engagement from brochure views.

Our digital marketing activity and website are vital for the development and growth of our company and deliver us consistent results in the form of new enquiries and support to our other sales and marketing activity.
Amanda Et-Tibary, Head of Sales & Marketing

The allocation of time to different services has been fine-tuned over time and we have also evolved the precise campaign mechanics through iterative data analysis. However, the core strategy has remained largely the same due to the consistency of its commercial success.

The Results

Our relationship with Ian Knapper has remained strong since we first started working with them in 2011, standing testament to the commercial results of our work as well as the strength of our consultancy, service and advice. Today, the name Ian Knapper is synonymous with beautiful design in natural stone and the brand has cemented its market leadership positioning.

They are exceptionally knowledgeable, personable, enthusiastic and committed to us as a client. I can wholeheartedly recommend Attain Design to any company who wishes to take digital marketing seriously.
Ian Knapper, Managing Director

Visibility in search engines has shifted away from fireplaces and the website now dominates all of the major national search results identified as commercially valuable for stone staircase enquiries, resulting in 259% growth in organic search traffic. Combined with the improved user experience, this increased volume of better quality organic traffic is more engaged –as evidenced by a 48% reduction in bounce rate.

We wouldn’t achieve half of the digital marketing that we do without their experience, advice and overall knowledge. Nothing is too much trouble.
Amanda Et-Tibary, Head of Sales & Marketing

The enquiry volume has more than tripled and most of the enquiries are now for staircases rather than fireplaces, making each sale from the website worth considerably more to the bottom line. In 2015, the company had achieved their most optimistic 12-month commercial targets just 7 months into their financial year!