Off The Map Travel

Off The Map Travel create tailor-made luxury adventure holiday itineraries, specialising in northern lights travel and whale watching trips.

The Challenge

Shining a light on performance

Off The Map Travel were referred to us by an existing client. They already had a WordPress website but felt that they could be doing more to build their presence in organic search results. Having had previous search marketing experience in the travel industry, we felt confident that we could take on the challenge.

Our SEO audit uncovered several opportunities for on-page, off-page and technical optimisation. From the very earliest stages of our analysis, we could see that there was scope to improve the rankings in natural search results for a number of important key phrases.

We knew from previous experience in Travel that the range of converting search terms would be incredibly vast due to the disparities in perceived value from consumer to consumer and the fact that holidays are a highly considered purchase, particularly at this level of the market. The more terms we looked into, the more we saw opportunities for Off The Map Travel to dominate this ‘long-tail’ of highly specific searches.

We later discovered that the client were also spending a considerable budget with AdWords. However, unfortunately the site had not been set up with conversion tracking, so there was no way of assessing the commercial impacts of PPC or SEO. This was identified as another key concern.

The Solution

Initially, we put most of our time into technical SEO, updating the code to meet Google’s contemporary semantic standards and eradicating crawl errors. We then moved on to keyword optimisation, initially focusing on the ‘low hanging fruit’ from longer, more specific keyphrases while building a contextual foundation for future progress with shorter, core category terms too.

Part of that on-page strategy involved the creation and population of new cornerstone pages, allowing us to diversify our strategy and maximise the early long-tail optimisation across the site. We also tackled the off-page optimisation with a link acquisition strategy focused around a combination of outreach and competitor link mirroring. In doing so, we were able to grow the site’s authority using safe, reliable, white hat techniques.

Content production also played an important role in our strategy. We produced blogs and infographics which we then marketed to 3rd party websites to generate signals of value and authority for Google. This content was successfully marketed across a range of different sources, from large international charities to small independent travel bloggers.

After the SEO results had built momentum, the client asked us to begin looking into their PPC performance. With conversion tracking now set up, our in-depth comparative analysis gave the client a much better understanding of how organic and paid search were actually performing. In fact, combined with the strength of the SEO results, this gave them the confidence to invest solely in SEO moving forward rather than splitting the budget between the owned and paid media strategies as before.

The Results

At the end of the first 12-month campaign, the site was attracting 79% more organic search traffic year-on-year. The growth in organic traffic had matched the volume of traffic previously achieved through PPC. Our data analysis clearly showed that the organic traffic converted to sales better than PPC traffic, so the decision was made to focus solely on SEO moving forward.

The investment in SEO was then stepped up. However in spite of this, moving away from paid search meant that the client reduced their overall search marketing budget by 60%. The first month after this decision was taken saw the company setting a new all-time record for the number of leads generated… and the following month, they broke that record and set a new one!

The SEO campaign is ongoing and is generating further growth and improved ROI.

Attain Design revolutionised our search engine marketing strategy – generating a record volume of leads as a result. I would not hesitate to recommend them for digital marketing services.
Jonny Cooper, Managing Director

We have since been asked to take an oversight role in the architecture and redevelopment of a new website for Off The Map Travel. We have also become heavily involved in implementing a digital strategy across several related websites targeting the US, Australia and Asia Travel markets as well as a new international B2B2C offering.